An Unpopular Guide to Step 10

A friend in Program says:

From the inside of this Guide:

"An Unpopular Guide to Step 10 is intended for those members of Twelve-Step programs who are interested in developing a spiritual practice around Step 10. It is based entirely on the treatment of Step 10 in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. In particular, it focuses on one short part of the section which is devoted to Step 10.

"... Even so-called old-timers in Program are generally not aware that the Big Book offers precise directions for the ongoing practice of Step 10. One purpose of this Guide is to do at least something to correct that situation."

Note: Quotations in this Guide from the book Alcoholics Anonymous are taken from the First and Second Editions, whose copyright has expired only in the USA. For copyright reasons, therefore, please do not download this Guide if you are outside the USA.

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