An Unpopular Guide to Step 5

A friend in Program says:

From the inside of this Guide:

"Part of the intent of this Guide ... is to explore what the Big Book actually says with regard to our working of Step 5.

"But there is another motive in writing An Unpopular Guide to Step 5. It is to understand why the Big Book recommends that Step 5 should be a telling of our 'whole life story' rather than the reading of our Step 4 inventory. We will see that there is a very intimate connection between such an approach and our working of Step 10. When we see the reason for the Big Book's treatment of Step 5, it may be that we become more inclined to follow its suggestions ... and, just as important, to recommend to newcomers to Program that they do the same."

Note: Quotations in this Guide from the book Alcoholics Anonymous are taken from the First and Second Editions, whose copyright has expired only in the USA. For copyright reasons, therefore, please do not download this Guide if you are outside the USA.

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